Online Slovak language courses for young learners from multicultural contexts.

SLOVENČINALAB is a project that brings together children and young learners from different backgrounds through the use and practice of the Slovak language. It creates the possibility to exchange experiences with peers within the framework of a common path and promotes the learners’ motivation to study the Slovak language and culture.

Who it is addressed to?

It is especially addressed to children and teens attending schools which do not provide courses of Slovak in their curricula.
Bringing up children and teenagers who speak two or more languages and finding the right balance among the different stances is possible. However, it might be a more difficult task than expected. For those who want to approach the Slovak language and culture, SLOVENČINALAB offers a stimulating educational program that enhances communicative skill acquisition as well as the ability to express oneself effortlessly and with confidence in Slovak.

We develop


Multilingual education provides great advantages, not only for obvious practical reasons, but mostly because children and young learners get used to thinking within different cultural environments. By so doing, they can interact in a more flexible and open way in private and public settings and, at a later moment, in their professional life.


The language of one or both parents certainly plays a unique role for young learners who grow up in international contexts.
This language represents the openness towards their own emotions, which influences their creative approach to life and promotes high-quality human relations.


Word Games

Developing listening comprehension and basic language skills in Slovak through game activities.

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I draw the world with words

Developing communicative skills, in particular writing, reading and listening comprehension.

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Off we go to a great game

Developing communicative skills and enrich vocabulary through the use of different game types.

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Adventures in the land of emotions

Developing communicative skills and enhance self-confidence by speaking Slovak.

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