AGE: 6-8

I draw the world with words


The aim of this course: developing communicative skills, in particular writing, reading and listening comprehension.

Course duration: from September 20th to June 15th
Group: 2-5 children
Frequency: once or twice a week
Cost: 15 euros per 60 minute lesson
(course registration for a minimum of 4 lessons)
· Mondays 6:20 pm – 7:20 pm
· Tuesdays 5 pm – 6 pm
· Fridays 6:20 pm – 7:20 pm
Platform: Zoom
Individual courses are available

The story of a Martian and a sensitive researcher who teaches him Slovak enables children to enter a dimension of game where they need to name things and explain how things work.

In a playful way, children gradually learn to pronounce and read letters, syllables, words and phrases. They learn to interact in Slovak and name the things, actions and phenomena which concern them in order to speak shortly about them. They learn to understand short stories, announcements or funny situations and discuss them.
The young learners insert the words in a special diary, helped by their friend Pencil and by magic words.
They are expected to create a bag containing small secrets and funny drawings. The game includes stories by Slovak authors, folk tales, counting rhymes, riddles and short poetry for children.

Children build their own way of expressing themselves in Slovak and they will be able to speak about their own experiences.


New course consisting of modules starting on 20th September 2023


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