AGE: 9-11

Off we go to a great game

The aim of the course: developing communicative skills and enrich vocabulary through the use of different game types.

Course duration: from September 20th to June 15th
Group: 2-5 children
Frequency: once or twice a week
Cost: 15 euros per 60 minute lesson
(course registration for a minimum of 4 lessons)
· Tuesdays 6:20 pm – 7:20 pm
· Wednesdays 5 pm – 6 pm
· Thursdays 6:20 pm – 7:20 pm
Platform: Zoom
Individual courses are available
The syllabus starts with the story of a king’s daughter, Zlatka, who pushes away all potential husbands with her bizarre riddles. Things change when a smart young man turns up with a witty joke and charms her. Through this story children are drawn into some situations, which they share with the main characters, and help the protagonists solve their problems.

Pupils approach theatre games. The course mainly focuses on a variety of game types, including language games, which open up to imagination, such as discovering nature by bike, playing fields, past times, fairy tales or other countries around the world.

Children depart from their own personal dimension to a wider reality which requires abstract terminology. Pupils also propose and discuss their own personal experiences and develop their reading comprehension skills through different texts. Many extraordinary stories by contemporary Slovak authors await them in the book club available for them. We open a golden chest containing the treasures of the Slovak language. We also work on word production and experimentation in a dedicated laboratory.


New course consisting of modules starting on 20th September 2022


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