Method of teaching


Courses are intended for online teaching, in order to maximize the communicative techniques offered by virtual environments.


Courses are organized by age and taking into account the individual needs and different linguistic levels in Slovak. There are a maximum of five students in each group.


During classes we work with a communicative method which enhances the ability to use the language in active ways, with due attention to its correct use.


The students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are interconnected in a balanced way.


The method is enriched by the use of games and a personalised approach to dialogue, drama, storytelling and short fiction in Slovak.


The aims of the courses are based on the same language skills as those in the corresponding age groups in Slovakia.


An atmosphere of well-being is encouraged and stimulated by playful and manipulative activities, which contribute to an optimal and smooth language acquisition process.


We always start from each child’s individual experiences, from the words he/she knows in Slovak and his/her creative skills. By reflecting each child’s world, he/she will be stimulated to create harmonious connections among the cultures and languages around him/her and maximise his/her unique potential.


Furthermore, within the course environment, such young learners can meet their peers and exchange experiences, viewpoints and emotions while speaking in Slovak at all times.


In case of need, the support languages for parents and students are French, English and Italian.